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  • 27.02.2019
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Dailmaran | 01.03.2019
Thanks for not disappointing! You completely ignored 99 of my post, and focused in on 1 very specific phrase, You claimed that because Harper signed the deal, it was out of their hands .
Tajas | 01.03.2019
They were armed by the US, it started under the Carter Administration. The one thing that Afghanistan has in common with the Contras, is they both financed by drug smuggling, through the CIA.
Jushakar | 01.03.2019
Can't wait to we fuck
Vozuru | 08.03.2019
I will engage with others, but I need to withdraw from time to time. My dad was like that. He was friendly, but he would back out the door quietly to spend time with just one or two people or by himself.

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